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Get full control over marketing on one page. Save time, get insights, make powerful decisions with our all-in-one marketing dashboard.

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Google, Microsoft (Bing), and Facebook. Analyze your Ad Campaigns 5x faster. Make decisions 5x better. 

Measure, Compare, Improve. Repeat.

We take all your data from different sources and deliver cross-filtered insights in one easy-reading dashboard. 

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Frequently asked question

Why is BI ROCKS dashboard better than reports in Google AdWords, Microsoft (Bing), or Google Analytics

Reports in the UI of ad systems are not designed for fast and efficient data analysis. With our dashboard, you can get answers to a much larger number of questions much faster:


  • How does a change in the price of a product affected conversion and profit,
  • What is the effectiveness of advertising campaigns on certain days and certain hours?
  • Quickly compare the profitability of Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and other advertising channels.
  • And much more 

What is the value of a dashboard?

Increased return on investment (ROAS) in advertising, Significant time savings in data analysis, and finding insights for effective management of ad campaigns.

How much traffic is needed on the site to work with the dashboard effectively

We recommend using a dashboard for online stores with traffic of 100 visitors per day from advertising. The more data you have, the more insights and optimization opportunities you will get.

Which services does your dashboard work with?

Our service visualizes data from the cabinets of advertising systems (Google, Microsoft, Facebook), CRM, Shopify, CSV files, and other sources and generates a ready-made report. We also provide services for creating custom dashboards.

Should I spend time to create my own dashboard?

No need. We have created a dashboard with all the necessary indicators. It is enough to connect your data and focus on qualitative analysis and management of your marketing.



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